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June 30, 2013

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Reaching out in Guatemala

Every year Roca de Ayuda in Guatemala and one of our local partners join forces to reach out to the needy. One of the places they cover is called “La Montaña” in the city of Jalapa, a city found in the south eastern part of Guatemala. 80% of the population in Jalapa is agrarian, primarily harvesting corn, beans, and squash for personal consumption. However, Jalapa is knows as a “Corredor Seco” (dry corridor), suffering from constant droughts which leaves its inhabitants with nothing to eat for weeks or months. Roca de Ayuda, in conjunction with a local church, put together a medical  ...

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Usanimals in Peru

Ofelia has three children: Krezia (14 years old), Stephany (11 years old) and Jerioth (3 years old). Periodically, Jerioth would have two tumorlike growths in his throat bringing the family to the health center for various tests and analyses. These tests revealed that although he was a healthy boy with a good appetite, Jerioth had anemia. This diagnosis left his mother perplexed and worried. The doctor explained that it was due to his particular diet. He prescribed vitamins to be taken along with food. It was such a blessing that these Usanimals™ were being delivered right at school where  ...

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Three stories of hope in Ukraine

Malena and her husband Eugenie are raising their son, Maksim. They are a young family and are faced with hardships which are common among young families. They are struggling financially, and it has been hard for our volunteers to keep track and be able to visit with them regularly. Through these hardships, we are still able to serve the family with food and other resources and encourage them. Without the income of her husband, Elena’s family struggles to make it by. Like many families, they’re in desperate need of hope, and we seek to help them through providing food for them.  ...

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Selfless in the Midwest

Regardless of the fact that Olivia herself needed assistance, she was giving aid to another family and even giving the Food Paks she received from us to them first. Olivia did not approach us for additional help. We ultimately found out that she was unemployed and was not receiving any government assistance for her and her four children. Her husband was able to find work out of state and he returns home about once a month to visit his family. When we first called Olivia she was very surprised to hear from us. We set up a day to visit her at home and to our surprise she was not planning on  ...

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Renewed hope for families in Nepal

The Kanchhi family lost their land, house, and all their belongings in a land slide. Not long after that, Sano’s husband, Mr. Kancchi, passed away in tractor accident. Sano and her three children went to live with her elderly father-in-law in a small hut near the jungle. Sano tried to work wherever she could to earn money for her family, but the wage she received was such a small amount that she could not provide enough food for her children. She desired to send her children to school, but had no money for admission and books. Sano’s deep desires to provide for her children left her  ...