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March 31, 2013

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Two quetzales left

Marcela Puac is a 59-year-old mother of seven. From an early age, Marcela was responsible for the care of her home and her nine siblings. Marcela’s life has been marked by abuse and suffering. Her husband, an alcoholic, physically abused her constantly. The beatings were so severe that she is now bound to a wheelchair. This caused Marcela to grow bitter, building a tough exterior and not allowing others to participate in her pain. She now is responsible for the care of her grandchildren since her own children must leave for weeks at a time to find work and support the family. As we shared  ...

  Areas, Latin America, Stories

Healthy children, healthy country

The container of product for Mexico City was received in mid-March. During the last two weeks in March they were able to distribute food and other aid to people in need. We will continue to hear feedback from them over the next of couple months as they finish the distribution of the product. This family of four is being served by one of our local partners. They met the family when their mom was going through a very desperate time. The family lives just around the corner from a church. When church members offered to bring her food; she welcomed them into her home. The church provided them  ...