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USANA True Health Foundation Board of Directors

  "It's a privilege to be a part of this foundation and to be able to assist those in need to make the world become a better place." —James Bramble

James Bramble received a bachelor's degree in political science with a minor in Spanish from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah and his Juris Doctorate in law from the University of Utah College of Law. As USANA's general counsel, Jim oversees important legal aspects of the company's business practices, and in his role as USANA's corporate secretary, he ensures that USANA complies with relevant legislation and regulations. He is active in the Association of Corporate Counsel and the Direct Selling Association. Jim ran political campaigns for the Utah State Legislature, has taught American National Government as an adjunct instructor at Salt Lake Community College, and he served as Director of the Salt Lake Film Society.

  “It is an honor to be a part of an organization that funds hope through the thoughtful use of resources.” —David Haynes

David Haynes earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from California Lutheran University and a master’s of business administration from Pepperdine University. He has served on several boards of directors for companies, including Survey Sampling Corporation, Market Research International, Opinionology, and Financial Asset Management Systems. David has worked as CEO of Opinionology, CIO and CEO of Collectech Systems, Inc., and is the founder and managing partner of Versent, Inc. He is a certified management accountant (CMA), a Microsoft certified systems engineer (MCSE), and is the author of numerous articles for business and management publications.

“I have seen firsthand the powerful impact made by the donations provided through our USANA family members. There are children and adults around the world who endure trials some of us couldn’t imagine, and the Foundation is helping to alleviate these issues each and every day.” —Elaine Pace

As the former president of the USANA True Health Foundation, Elaine Pace now continues her charitable work as a board member for the Foundation. Her educational background includes a master’s degree in public administration from the Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government, where she focused her studies on nonprofit management and dispute resolution. She also previously served as the president of Sanoviv Medical Institute.